who we are

The National Council for Mental Health 

NCMH is a non profit non governmental organization, working towards the development of mental health and mental health care in Sri Lanka.
Established in 1982, it was incorporated by an Act of Parliament in 1986 and is a registered charity with the Ministry of Finance.
NCMH maintains the Borella Resource Centre and the Gorakana Residential Facility.


The realization of optimum mental health through research, development and care.


To be a centre of excellence in providing mental health services and facilitating the development of mental health care in Sri Lanka.


"The bio-psycho-social model"


Client-centered practice
Holistic view of mental health
Continuous learning
Ethical practice

Overall objective

To develop a center of excellence with expertise and the necessary competence to respond to emerging mental health needs/issues of the individual, communities and special groups of people